Why Women In Business MUST Pay Themselves A Market-Based Salary

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It is not uncommon for women in business to feel it is a reasonable sacrifice to forego their salary in order to keep more money in their business. However if your business is not paying you a reasonable, market-based salary your business is under performing.

Many female entrepreneurs believe that it is good business practice to take the Net Profit that the business generates each month as their salary. I believe your business should be able to generate a Net Profit AND pay you a market-based salary. The key to remember is that you are paid a salary for what you do, and your business generates a profit based upon the expenses it incurred minus the revenue it earned. Your salary is an expense.

How does this relate to cash flow? When you don’t pay yourself a market-based salary, your Net Profit number is overstated because it does not include this key operating expense. For example, if you hire someone to do the job you are currently doing would you leave their salary amount out of your budget? No. Because you wouldn’t be able to accurately determine how much revenue you need to earn to cover ALL of the business expenses.

Your financials are useless and your numbers are incorrect without this key expense.

Below are four ways your business can begin paying you a reasonable market-base salary.

1. Lead With The Numbers & Not Your Heart

A reasonable market-based salary is the amount you would pay someone to do the job you are currently doing. In addition, your salary should be based upon the time and effort you put into building your business.

As women, we often lead with our heart but at some point we have to realize that no matter how much we love our business and enjoy what we are doing; our love will not pay the mortgage and bills.

2. How Much Should The Business Pay You

The first step to determine how much the business should pay you is to itemize everything you do in the business. From open to close, from the 1st to the 31st what do you do on a daily basis as the technician of the business?

After identifying your duties research the market-based salary according to your job performance.

3. What If My Business Is Unable To Pay Me A Market-Based Salary

If your business is unable to afford to pay you as the CEO a market-based salary your business is operating at a loss. If this is the case you need to review your business model and revenue structure.

One key way to repair this problem is to ensure your revenue structure is set-up to allow you to generate income on a daily basis.

Begin by determining your monthly revenue goal by using the following formula:

Market-Based Salary + Operating Expenses + Profit Margin (at least 20%)

Once you have this number divide by 30 or 31 to determine the amount of revenue you need to earn on a daily basis.

4. Increase Your Prices

After determining your daily revenue goal the next step is to review your prices for each service you provide.

For most women in business raising their prices is one of the biggest fears. The most important factor to consider is – do you want a company that is barely surviving or do you want a company that is thriving. Your company will continue to struggle if you are struggling in your personal life. Your personal life will struggle financially if you are not earning enough money in business to pay yourself a salary that supports a reasonable life style.

Don’t be afraid to loss clients by raising your prices. Think of it this way – do you really want clients that complain about your prices? Take a deep breath, take a step back and re-evaluate your prices based upon your goals and quote your new prices next time.
If you need assistance determining your market-based salary, restructuring your business model to support that salary and ensure that the business generates a profit on top click here to contact Octavia and the Say Yes To Profits team today.

Octavia Conner

Octavia “The Profit Maximizer” Conner is a profit acceleration specialist, accountant, business advisor, speaker and best-selling author of the book titled Say YES To Profits: 3 Methods For Building The Profitable, Successful Business Of Your Dreams. 

She is the CEO of Say YES To Profits, an accounting and business advisory firm that specialize in helping growing service-based businesses plug money leaks, increase cash flow and maximize profits faster, smarter and consistently.

Octavia is not your ‘typical accountant”. She works proactively with her clients as a business development partner, helping them double (even triple) their bottom line within the first 90 days of her guidance. She has been featured in YFS Magazine, Women Creating Wealth, the Atlanta Business Chronicles, Smart Hustle Magazine and many more.

For more information contact her team today at SayYESToProfits.com

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