Octavia Conner

Founder, CEO, Best-Selling Author, Professional Speaker

Octavia Conner lunched Say YES To Profits in 2011 in Atlanta, GA, with no money, one client, a laptop, printer and a deep desire to help small business owners gain financial control through smart money management. She wanted to demonstrate that accountants are more than “number crunchers” reviewing historical data. For small business owners they are key assets needed to help them the profitable, successful businesses of their dreams.

Octavia is not your average accountant. In fact, Octavia has never been able to do anything average. Octavia is a fun, passionate visionary with the gift of seeing far beyond any box. Throughout her career, Octavia have lead multi-million dollar corporations as their “go-to numbers person” with the ability to use the numbers to help them earn and keep more money in the business.

After spending over 14 years in corporate accounting, Octavia found herself in need of more passionate, fulfilling work. She decided to step into the world of entrepreneurship part-time. After months of praying, in October of 2011 Octavia step out on faith and lunched Say Yes To Profits.

With no money, one client, a laptop and a printer she decided it was time to live her dreams and not others. However Octavia made the mistake that many entrepreneurs make when starting a business by operating with passionate but no plan.

With no real sense of what it toke to be a CEO, during the early years of business Octavia struggled hard. There were many sleepless nights, unpaid bills and crying days filled with financial worry. Octavia came really close to being in the 85% of entrepreneurs that fail within the first five years of business according to the SBA.

Having to take a step back and study successful entrepreneurs, Octavia realized that without a plan, focus, accountability and a reliable cash flow system her business would soon fade away.

Octavia then put on her “big girl pants” and revamped and re-branded her accounting firm from the ground up. Learning from her mistakes and the mistakes of others, she created a plan that enabled her to earn and keep more money in her business immediately. In fact, within the first year, due to her plan the business grew over 127%.

Instead of operating as the traditional accounting firm, she added a dose of fun to teaching, empowering and educating herself and entrepreneurs on money management.

Today Octavia uses her signature P.R.O.F.I.T. Plan to help service professionals build fun-operating, profitable businesses, which gives them complete financial control and allows them to achieve their ultimate goals. As a mother of four, she understands the challenges that entrepreneurs face, while trying to joggle being a mother, wife, caretaker and successful entrepreneur. She now takes a holistic approaching to financial management for female entrepreneurs.

Octavia uses cloud-based technologies that allow her and the Say Yes To Profits team to provide accounting and business advisory services to clients throughout the US. As an award winning firm, Octavia and her team cares just as much about their clients’ business growth as they do. Instead of operating as a basic accountant, she becomes their business development partner, providing them with money management, a customize Profit Plan, accountability and support.

Octavia has been recognized as a leader in the modern accounting world and have been featured in Atlanta Business Chronicles, YFS Magazine, Women Creating Wealth Magazine, Smart Hustle Magazine and many more.

Octavia details her entrepreneur journey in her book Say YES To Profits: 3 Methods For Building The Profitable Business Of Your Dreams.

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